Getting Started Guides


Here are a few guides to get you started with Finalsite. For more specific information, check out the other tabs above for information about our content management system, all our modules, and more!

New to Finalsite?

Brand new to Finalsite? Here are a few links to important things you need to know to get up and running.

Web Accessibility

From Alt Text to Accessible Forms, here are the basics. For more info, check out our knowledge base section on Accessibility Compliance.

Admin Users

Organizing everyone who works on the website can be complex. These articles can get you started. For more information, check out the Admin users section of our Knowledge Base


What is Composer?

Finalsite’s CMS Composer makes it easy for website managers of all skill levels to build custom website pages without sacrificing design quality, security, functionality or performance.

For a more comprehensive look at how composer works, please check out the Composer section of our Knowledge Base!

Page Management

Creating and editing pages is the backbone of a content management system. Here are a few articles to you started.

Editing Content

Adding and updating content is easy as long as you know where to look. Here are some tips for editing content on your site.

Element Types

Elements are what allow you to pull content from the modules and display it on a page. Explore more about them here.


What are the Finalsite Modules?

Forms Manager, Posts, Calendar Manager, Constituent Manager and others comprise what Finalsite calls "Modules." These are the parts of the software in which data is entered so that it can be displayed by the Content Management System (CMS) of either Composer or Page Manager. For example, to display Calendar information on your website, you would first enter your events into Calendar Manager. Then, using a Calendar element, you can display these dates on a page of the site. In fact, you can see this in action here on our Webinar Schedule page.


Below are a few articles to get you started with Posts. For a deeper look at one of our most robust modules, browse the Posts section of the Knowledge Base.


Our new product to organize and work with media, files, and images. Check out our Knowledge Base for more info and these three articles below to get started.


eNotify allows you to quickly and easily message your constituents or mailing lists with news, updates, and important information that you need to get out to your community. For a deeper look check out the eNotify section of our Knowledge Base

Forms Manager

Forms allow you to collect small pieces of information quickly and easily from your constituents and people who visit the site. For more information about this powerful module, see the Forms section of the Knowledge Base.

Athletics Manager

Athletics Manager helps organize all of your teams and their games and scrimmages. For a deeper look into how Athletics Manager can help, see the Athletics section of our Knowledge Base.


Feeds pulls together all of your social media power into one place so that you can manage it! For more information about Feeds and all it can do, see the Feeds section of our Knowledge Base.

Registration Manager

Registration manager allows users to register multiple people from which you can collect different pieces of information. For more information about this module, check out the Registration Manager section of the Knowledge Base.

File Manager

File Manager allows you to upload documents and images for use on your website. For additional information, see the File Manager section of the Knowledge Base.

Multimedia Manager

Media Manager helps to organize images, sound files and video. For more information about this module, see the Media section of our Knowledge Base.

Commerce Manager

Commerce Manager helps facilitate simple sales of items through the website. For additional information about Commerce, see our Knowledge Base.


What is Finalsite Learn?

Finalsite Learn is a comprehensive online learning management system that provides all the teaching and communications tools that teachers and students need to be successful – all in a simple, centralized interface.

Looking for more comprehensive information about Finalsite Learn? Check out the Learn section of our Knowledge Base.

LMS Manager Set-up

Start by setting up Schools, or divisions, within your school. These will help differentiate grading scales, schedules, and term dates.

Gradebook for Teachers

Teachers can utilize the Gradebook to add assignments, schedule and create quizzes, receive student file submissions, and to generate grade and comment reports.

Grade Reports

Marking Period grade reports and Progress Reports allow teachers to submit grades, comments and attendance per student, per class, and allow admins to export grades into other databases.


Schools can set up daily and/or class attendance to track students’ whereabouts and export attendance reports.

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Looking for more video based training? Check out the section just for Video Training!

Still working with Page Manager during your transition to Composer? Check out the Page Manager section of the Knowledge Base.