Software Guide: eNotify

eNotify is Finalsite's bulk email tool; it's integrated directly with Constituent Manager, so you can quickly create mailing lists from your existing constituents. External users can be uploaded and integrated directly into mailing lists as well, to ensure that your email communications reach all of your audiences. 

Within eNotify, our modern Templates editor lets you easily create responsive emails that look good no matter what device they're viewed on. Dynamic content elements let you add Calendar Events, News, and Posts content directly to your templates - when your templates update on the fly, you don't have to spend time manually adding reminders for upcoming news. Just select your template, add any custom messaging you desire, and message your community consistently and reliably.

Below you will find a guided Quick Start Training, a list of tasks to practice, additional videos, and more. For a more comprehensive look at eNotify, please check out the eNotify section of our Knowledge Base.

Getting Started

Learn how to create mailing lists for use with eNotify and sending bulk mail, as well as the importance of using lists.

Length: 6:41



  1. Create a new Mailing List that dynamically filters in all of your Faculty and Staff, name it "All Faculty and Staff."

  2. Make sure to target whatever the primary email addresses are.

  3. Manually add one email address to the recipients list:

  4. Create a category: "Faculty" and apply the category to your new list.

  5. Create an email folder called "Finalsite Flyer."

  6. Create a new email message called "Welcome New Faculty."

  7. Be sure this email is associated with your new folder.

  8. Using the HTML option, create a short message welcoming the new History Teacher - Jane Doe.

  9. Address the email to your Faculty and Staff list and save it as a draft.

Additional Videos

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This video teaches you how to edit a template once you've cloned it, to customize and make it your own.

Length: 2:32

Knowledge Base Articles

eNotify Webinar Recording

Frequently Asked Questions

What is eNotify for?

eNotify is a bulk email tool. You can use it to send messages to your entire school community, as well as select sub-groups of constituents (such as "Parents of 9th grade students"). eNotify uses responsive templates to ensure that your emails look good on any device.

Can I use my existing mailing lists with eNotify?

Yes! You can upload lists of email recipients to eNotify and include them in bulk mailings, even if they do not fall into regular user roles such as "Parents" or "Faculty and Staff."

Can I track email performance?

Absolutely. eNotify includes tracking for statistics such as open rate, clickthrough rate, and other standard email-tracking metrics. You can even include a "forward to a friend" link in your email templates, to capture performance data for users who weren't a part of the original mailing list.