Software Guide: Forms Plus

With a single tool, you can create forms for a vast array of uses — from online donations, volunteer forms, lunch menu order forms, job applications, event RSVPs, online inquiries — and anything else you can dream up. Forms are easy to build with drag-and-drop functionality, template creation, cloning, and the ability to save commonly used elements. 

Below you will find a guided Quick Start Training, a list of tasks to practice, additional videos, and more. For a more comprehensive look at forms, please check out the Forms Manager section of our Knowledge Base.

Getting Started

This video demonstrates the tools in Forms Plus used to create a registration for a simple event, including the attendance toggle, number spinner and box, and RSVP radio button.

Length: 3:00



  1. Create a simple RSVP form asking the question "Are you going to be there?"

  2. Send the invite to yourself and answer the invite with a Yes so you can see better how the tool works.

  3. Then create a simple form that sells tickets for the Spring Concert. There are two ticket types: Floor and Box seats. Floor seats cost $10 and there are only 100 of them to sell. Box seats cost $30 and there are 50 of these to sell.

  4. You can explore the Registration elements and choose for yourself which registration elements to use on the form.

  5. Be sure to separate the seating types so you can set your limits.

  6. Then place the form on a page and be sure that page has the SSL turned on.

  7. Feel free to test out the form and return to the Registration tab to look at how the information is presented.

  8. Have Fun!

Additional Videos

To start using Forms Plus, add at least one element from the Registration section. This video shows how adding these elements opens up more functionality within your form.

Length: 4:48

Knowledge Base Articles

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set a maximum number of attendees?

This can be done using seating types with Forms Plus Registration elements.

Check out this article on seating types for more information.

How do I make a "Who's Coming?" List?

The RSVP feature of Forms Plus allows you to create a Who's Coming list. 

Check out this article on the RSVP feature for more information. 

Can you have different levels of pricing?

Yes! We have a tiered pricing option available. For more information, check out this article on tiered pricing.