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News Manager lets admins post content that's automatically displayed and curated on your website. Additionally, News posts can be dropped into eNotify templates, shared on social media, and distributed via RSS feeds to subscribed users.

Below you will find a guided Quick Start Training, a list of tasks to practice, additional videos, and more. For a more comprehensive look at news, please check out the News Manager section of our Knowledge Base.

Getting Started

Learn how to add a category to your News Manager to help organize your news content and display it on your web pages.

Length: 1:47



  1. Create a News Category called Athletics.

  2. Create a News Post with a summary and a description and tie it to your Athletics category.

  3. Create a page on your website called "News Test."

  4. Change the layout to an equal two-column layout.

  5. Add a News Element to the left column in List view and pull in your Athletics category.

  6. Set the details of your post to display in this page and have them appear in the column to the right when a post is selected.

Additional Videos

In this video, learn how to grab a direct URL to a news post or have news work for you with your SEO by opening on a page.

Length: 4:14

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is News used for?

News Manager is used to create content that's automatically posted to your site and distributed to subscribed recipients. 

Can News content be shared on social media?

It sure can. RSS feeds and direct URLs make sharing News content a snap.

What kind of content can go into a News post?

What kind of content have you got? News posts can incorporate text, images, rich media like videos, embeds from other content generators, and more.