Software Guide: Posts

Posts is a module that allows site admin users and portal users to contribute content to the website, whether for a blog, news article, job listing, online publication, or other dynamic content areas of your site!

Below you will find a guided Quick Start Training, a list of tasks to practice, additional videos, and more. For a more comprehensive look at Posts, please check out the Posts section of our Knowledge Base.

Getting Started

In this video, we’ll walk through the process of setting up a folder, a board, and a post, so you can get started using Posts on your website.

Length: 3:46



  1. Create a folder in the Posts module called TEST.

  2. Create a board in the TEST folder called "Test News".

  3. Create a post on the Test News board titled "I have something to say."

  4. Make sure to add the following content to the Post:

    • Body content with an image

    • Summary

    • Thumbnail

  5. Save your post.

  6. Create a Post element on a web page and see if you can get your post to show up on the page.

Additional Videos

In this video, we’ll take a deep dive into boards, the bulletin board where all your post content gets pinned.

Length: 3:47

Knowledge Base Articles

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use Posts for?

Posts is currently being used by our clients for news, student profiles, blogs, and even infographics. 

It is a flexible way to display small articles and snippets about your schools or associations. 

How do I migrate news?

In our Knowledge Base we have a News to Posts Implementation Guide, which walks you through the process and what to consider. 

Are there any examples of Posts?

Our Design and Enhancement page, which displays Posts examples, actually uses Posts itself.