Software Guide: Posts for Teachers

This guide will walk you through setting up Posts for Teachers. 

For more information about Posts in general, check out our Software Guide for Posts

Getting Started



  1. Create a folder in the Posts module called TEST.

  2. Create a board in the TEST folder called "Test News."

  3. Create a post on the Test News board titled "I have something to say."

  4. Make sure to add the following content to the Post:

    • Body content with an image

    • Summary

    • Thumbnail

  5. Save your post.

  6. Create a Post element on a web page and see if you can get your post to show up on the page.

Additional Videos

Get a brief look at Finalsite Posts and understand some of its basic uses, and think about how you can use it on your website.

Length: 2:18

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do teachers all use the same template?

Yes, the teachers will only create Posts, which will be displayed in the template that you, the site administrator, has created. This way, the teachers don't have to worry about styling their page in line with brand guidelines. 

How do teachers access Posts?

Teachers will log in with their normal portal accounts. Once they have logged in, they can reach their boards by clicking on their name in the account bar and selecting "Posts." 

Are there any examples of Posts?

Our Design and Enhancement page, which displays Posts examples, actually uses Posts itself. Those examples using Posts for Teachers are labeled.