Software Guide: Registration

Whether it's a fundraiser, a school play, or a professional development conference, organizing and running events is a key part of any school's relationship with the local community. Finalsite's Registration module helps administrators organize, promote, and run events of all sizes and formats.

Below you will find a guided Quick Start Training, a list of tasks to practice, additional videos, and more. For a more comprehensive look at Registrations, please check out the Registration Manager section of our Knowledge Base.

Getting Started

This video explains the Registration Manager dashboard, which includes current, future, and past events.

Length: 1:21



  1. Create a single event with attendees to sell tickets to an Alumni dinner.

  2. Create two attendee types: Alumni and Faculty/Staff.

  3. Set a price of $35 for Alumni and $20 for Faculty/Staff.

  4. Make sure email addresses are required for all attendees.

  5. Create a Registration Form that asks the registrant how they heard about the event and give them at least three choices.

  6. In the Attendee form, ask the question: "Do you have any food allergies?" Then add a text block field titled "Describe" and make this field conditional only if the person answers Yes to the previous question.

  7. Make sure your event is set to take payments and "Create an alternative payment method" called Pay By Check.

  8. Do NOT display pricing on the registration screen.

  9. Add your event to a calendar event and test.

Additional Videos

Once you have created your event in Registration Manager you will need to make it available for people to actually register. Take a look at a couple of the ways that this can be accomplished.

Length: 1:46

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of events can Registration handle?

Registration can scale to handle events of all sizes, everything from small meetings to theatrical performances to a large conference with breakout sessions. 

Can users be added to a waiting list?

Yes, waitlist functionality is built into Registration. Users who sign up after an event has reached capacity will be added to the waitlist, and admins can offer them spots in the event in the order they signed up.

Can I control pricing for various groups?

You can specify different costs for different groups of users (say, offering a discount for alumni). You can also offer a price break for users who buy multiple tickets at once.